40K Team Event

Judge: Joe Peterson

Registration: Saturday 8am – 8:30am

Play : Saturday 9am - 3pm

Sunday 9am-3pm

Event Focus

This event is intended to provide a more casual event for players who wish to either pair the intense play of the Grand Tournament with a more relaxed atmosphere, or who simply want to take it easier. Missions will be varied and encouraging unusual gameplay and strategizing. There is a large focus on team spirit and friendliness both at the event itself and within the missions. Players will leave with fond memories and a good laugh.

Event Rules and Restrictions

-1000 pts per player.

- Max of 2 duplicate datasheets across a team. (Excluding troops.) Dedicated transports may have a max of 4 duplicate datasheets across a team.

- No duplicate Unique units.

- No duplicate detachments except Brigade, Battalion, and Patrol.

- Teams may be any combo of factions.

- Teams share CP. However, any ability that grants CP once the game is underway only works on the controlling player/one opponent chosen during deployment.

- A team is treated as one player during the psychic phase for the purpose of Smite and duplicate powers.

- There is a 3 color minimum with base color counting as a color. Models need to be based, to a bare minimum one flat color, no bare plastic bases.

Bye Protocol

Players who have a bye will be asked to play the other member of their team. Their team will be awarded a victory with points equal to the average earned by both players in the game.

Negative Player Protocol

Should a player or team be judged to be demonstrating poor sportsmanship, they will be put on a three strike system and receive one strike. If a team or player receives three strikes, they are disqualified from the event.