Age of Sigmar Matched Play

Organizers/Judges: Brandon Field & Ramon Nanez

Registration: Sunday 8am - 8:45am

Play: 9AM - 5pm

Format: Pitched Battle

Rounds: 3

Round Time: 2 Hrs

This will be an event using the Pitched Battle rules from the General’s Handbook 2018.  Armies must be no more than 2000 points and follow the Battlehost rules for Army Composition.  All Endless spells are allowed, however we are NOT using the extra spells or artifacts from Malign Sorcery.  Missions will be from the General's Handbook and Core Rulebook matched play section.  Each round will take place in a different realm, which will use the rules found in the Core Rulebook for the special command abilities and spell for each realm.  A realmscape feature rule will be fixed for the round, not rolled randomly.

Scores will be tracked using the Best Coast Pairing app.  An award will be given for the player at the end of three rounds who has the most points.  Additionally, players will vote on their favorite opponent as well as their favorite army (both appearance and theme) and an award will be given for the player with the most votes.  This is a tracked event for ITC and scores will be reported for those who have signed up with ITC for national rankings.

Please note that command abilities will not be allowed to stack multiple times on the same unit.  Each command ability may be used multiple times in a round, but must target different units.  Aura effect command abilities will also not effect the same unit more than once.