Battle Zone Ursa

Warmachine Iron Gauntlet Qualifier

Judge: Andrew DiRoma

IGQ(iron gauntlet qualifiers)/wildcard series for Warafaire Weekend.
Tickets on sale here. Please Pre-register on conflict chamber.

Alaska is going for it's 1st IGQ/wildcard series event. This will be a Master event 75 point.

Registration: Saturday @ 09:00 am - 09:45 am
Players meeting @ 09:45 am
Dice roll @ 10:00 am sharp

New Oblivion themes will be out Friday, July 26th, 2019

We will be using the new themes for this tournament. That means that the lists that are going in must be Oblivion themes. Hopefully, conflict chamber will be updated, if not, we will be handwriting lists with your requisitions on them.

More info for Master event here

List will need to be in by 9/5/2019. We will be using conflict chamber to put in your list. We are offering list print out if your list in in by the date above.

Any more information about the event please contact me: