Star Wars X-Wing Hyperspace Trials

Judge: Luke Bunnell

Registration: Saturday  9am – 9:45am

Play: 10am – 11pm


The X-Wing Hyperspace Trial at Battle Zone Ursa is a Hyperspace format event using FFG’s Advanced Tournament Structure. The number of rounds will be determined by the number of players.

 A physical (printed or handwritten) list will be required. We recommend using the official squadron builder or YASB2 and printing your list beforehand.  If there are ANY conflicts between on-line list builders and what is posted on FFG’s website (…/x-wing-second-edition/…), the website list will prevail.


We will be using the latest Rules and Rules Reference found on FFG’s website as well as their rules clarifications found here:…/293-x-wing-rules…

Where FFG has failed to provide clear guidance, we will be using the non-official community sourced rulings found here:…/1cSNaoKAThwjDhjjixO7u…/mobilebasic

Any further rulings will be made on site by the Marshal.

Other Things:


3rd party obstacles, dice, bases, dials (not covers), bombs/mines are NOT allowed. Alternate Art cards are fine if you have an original. The ship on the end of your peg needs to resemble what it actually is.

If you have a Store Championship Bye from the last season of First Edition, you may use it at this event. However, you MUST register and have your list submitted before we start the event.