Age of Sigmar Narrative Event

Judge: Brandon Field

Registration: Saturday 8am - 8:45am

Play: Saturday - 9AM - 3pm (2 rounds)

Sunday - 8am - 2pm (2 rounds)

Rounds: 4

Round Time: 2.5 Hrs

This will be a narrative event using the Pitched Battle rules from the General’s Handbook. Armies must be no more than 2000 points and follow the Battlehost rules for army composition. Armies may be assigned a realm from Malign Sorcery and use the corresponding artifacts. A one-week deadline will be imposed for any new armies or books that may be released before the event. Each table will have a different mission, which will be specified at the table. Some missions will require players to determine attacker and defender or similar. Additionally, each table will be assigned a different mortal realm and will use the associated rules for that realm from the core rulebook. Scores will be tracked using the Best Coast Pairings app. An award will be given for the player at the end of four rounds who has the most points. Additionally, players will vote on their favorite army and armies will be judged for painting score using the ITC hobby track rubric. An award will be given for the player who scores the highest combined score between the rubric and player’s votes. This is a tracked event for ITC and scores will be reported for those who have signed up with ITC for national rankings. As always, the goal of this event is to play some fun, themed games of Age of Sigmar in a semicompetitive setting. Players are encouraged to theme their armies with display boards, objective markers, costumes or anything else.