Age of Sigmar Matched Play

Organizers/Judges: Brandon Field & Ramon Nanez

Registration: Sunday 8am - 8:45am

Play: 9AM - 5pm

Format: Pitched Battle

Rounds: 3

Round Time: 2 Hrs

This will be an event using the Pitched Battle Rules from the General’s Handbook.  Armies must be no more than 2000 points and follow the Battlehost rules for Army Composition.  No special house rules will be in effect for the event, although we will follow all the current FAQs for both the core rules and the General’s Handbook.  There will be three rounds at two hours each.  Terrain will be set at each table and certain pieces of terrain will have rules as per the terrain table of the Age of Sigmar rules.  Missions will be from the General’s Handbook and may be slightly adapted.  Players will be asked to keep track of models killed, models alive at the end of the battle and successful casting and unbinding rolls.  Awards will be given at the end for the most accomplished player in each category.  Additionally, players will vote on their favorite opponent as well as their favorite army (both appearance and theme) and an award will be given for the player with the most votes.  There will also be a special prize awarded to the player who manages to do well in all of these categories.


If the new General’s Handbook is released before the event, we will use that version of the handbook for all instances.