Battle Zone Ursa 2017


Warhammer 40K

Judge: Beau Geiss

Registration: Saturday 10am - 12:00PM

Play: 2pm - 11pm

Sunday - Play: 5pm - 10pm

5 Rounds

2.5 Hrs each

2000 points

Battleforged armies only.

3 detachment limit.

3 color minimum with base color counting as a color. Models need to be based, to a bare minimum one flat color, no bare plastic bases.

This event is tracked Via the best coast pairings app. Please provide a valid email address upon registration.

Missions will be drawn from the current ITC mission packet and will be randomly determined 24hrs prior to round 1.

Round times will be heavily enforced. This includes a "dice down" when time is up.

Judges will announce round times every 30 min, leading up to 15 minutes before end of round.


Judges are here to help the event run smoothly and efficiently. Judge calls during timed play are final.

Remember, judges are most efficient and useful at the time of a rules dispute, bringing up an infraction or potential error after the round limits option for judges to resolve issues.